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Geisha Red


Founded in 1825, Isehan Honten in Tokyo is the last remaining shop in Japan still producing Komachi-beni. This is a makeup made from the highest quality benibana (safflower petals) grown in Yamagata Prefecture.

Komachi-Beni Fuji - ¥17,600

It was a popular luxury item in the Edo period and has fascinated women throughout the ages. The beni is iridescent green in its container. When water is applied, it mysteriously turns a vivid red and is used to paint lips, cheeks, and around the eyes. Over centuries, shops kept the time-consuming production process a secret.

Isehan Honten sells beni in store and online. At its shop, there is also the Beni Museum introducing the history and culture of beni and makeup. Here, visitors can try on beni and participate in workshops.


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