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Tokyo MK Unveils New EV limousine Fleet Featuring the New BMW I7 Excellence

Tokyo—The MK Group announced today its introduction of a new fleet of fully electric luxury limousines, featuring the new BMW i7 Excellence. In-line with its commitment to providing “Best in class vehicles, customer service, and hospitality” as well as living up to its SDG goals of becoming a fully electric vehicle service company by 2028.

The collaboration with BMW will see 30 of the i7 Excellence models delivered initially, 20 to Tokyo and 10 to Kyoto respectively, with more vehicles to be added in 2024.

The BMW i7 represents the flagship in the BMW EV line-up, offering its most spacious and opulent features. Guests can truly enjoy a luxury experience with fully extendable footrests (due to its extra-long wheelbase) in-cabin infotainment system featuring wireless connectivity, a 31-inch drop-down screen (with all streaming services available) combined with 21 speakers, mostly concealed around the cabin to give a truly immersive experience. Door mounted touch screens are integrated to allow full control of air conditioning, infotainment system massage chair features.

The i7 also features the latest high-voltage lithium-Ion battery technology, combined with dual motors, it has a maximum output of 400 kW and a cruising range of over 650 km, making it the most ECO-friendly car in the luxury class.

Ms. Kyomi Matsubara, President of Tokyo MK said: “2023 marks our 25th anniversary, in these last 25 years we have been a trailblazer within the hospitality industry, and we will continue that tradition with the introduction of a fully eclectic luxury fleet, starting with the BMW i7, and our continued dedication to our philosophy of safety, customer service, and hospitality, and best-in-class vehicles. We thank our loyal customers for their support, and we look forward to serving them into the future”.

The BMW i7 was introduced to service in December 2022


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