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Scents & Sensibility

Japanese Keepsakes

Established in 1999, Di Ser Parfum has a simple message: the company hopes its natural Japanese scents will soothe and bring serenity to daily life. Made without any synthetic materials, Di Ser perfumes recreate Japan’s traditional culture of scent using only natural fragrance, plant-based ethanol, and water.


Japanese floral/woody Pure white has been regarded as a sacred color related to Shinto rituals. Using white-flowered roses and jasmine, Shiragoromo represents innocence and purity. 33ml, ¥38,500


Japanese floral/citrus By adding yuzu (Japanese citrus) and rosewood to kyara and agarwood, Sasora has an elegant and mature scent.


Hasu no ito

Floral fruity/woody Based on the lotus flower—the symbol of Di Ser—Hasu no Ito exhibits strength and softness.

33ml, ¥55,000


Japanese floral/woody A graceful and sensual scent. For more than a thousand years the main fragrance, kyara, is said to be one the finest scents in Japan.

33ml, ¥132,000


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