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Great Escapes- Tokyo Calendar

This Winter experience all the cultural, gourmet, and seasonal festivities Tokyo has to offer.

Bamboo Illuminations

While Yomiuri Land is known for its ostentatiously colorful lights in winter, its sister establishment, Hana Biyori, is markedly more refined. Hana Biyori is a garden that is lit up in the evenings with carved bamboo lanterns, hanging structures, and traditional Japanese parasols. Walk through the soothing illumination at your own pace, and finish your trip with a visit to the aesthetic greenhouse with over 300 hanging plants.

When: Oct. 20 until Apr. 9 Where: Hana Biyori, 4015-1 Yanokuchi, Inagi, Tokyo Cost: ¥900 for adults


For a limited time in January, Juro Miyoshi’s latest play, “Honoo no Hito,” will depict the hardships of Vincent van Gogh’s life on the Japanese stage. Honoo, means literal flames as well as the flames of intense emotion or passion. It’s an apt description of the hardships and challenges the painter faced. Experience the turmoil and passions of this misunderstood artist at the Haiyuza Theater.

When: Jan 11th to 18th

Where: Haiyuza Theater, 4-9-2 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo


Strawberry Cocktails

Have an extravagant evening with strawberries and champagne at Tokyo’s New Otani hotel. Strawberries have become a winter icon in Japan, topping perfectly crafted strawberry shortcakes across the country. But at the New Otani, the premium strawberries are paired with premium champagnes from Krug and Dom Pérignon. Enjoy a glass with a side of strawberries or combine them with one of two cocktails.

When: Dec 7 to Jan 31

Where: Bar Capri, New Otani Hotel,The Main 4-1, Kioicho, Chiyoda,Tokyo

Cost: From ¥6,600


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