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Great Escapes: Fall 2022

Events (October–December 2022)

This autumn, experience all the cultural, gourmet, and seasonal festivities Japan has to offer.



Extravagant Pancake Brunch at the New Otani

Indulge your sweet tooth with the brunch food that Japan does best: fluffy pancakes. The New Otani welcomes in autumn with thick and fluffy pancakes created under a seasonal chestnut theme. The pancakes feature Japanese black honey and wasanbon sugar, as well as a chestnut macaron on a tower of vanilla custard cream. 

Date: September 1 to November 30

Cost: ¥3,500

Location: Patisserie SATSUKI, New Otani, The Main 4-1, Kioicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Bask in Gold at the Gingko Festival

While the red hues of autumn usually get all the glory, the golden ginkgo is nothing to be sniffed at. This year marks the 43rd Hachioji Ginkgo Festival, where residents and visitors alike gather to walk the 5.5-kilometer path lined with gingko trees. There will be events and stalls throughout to sample the local flavor.

Date: November TBC

Cost: Free

Location: Koshu-kaido Avenue, Takaomachi, Hachioji 23

Chinese Woodblock and Japanese Ukiyo-e

This autumn, the ​​Japan-China Friendship Center is celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. For that, they have brought together traditional woodblock prints from the National Art Museum of China and ukiyo-e artworks from the Isagonosato Museum. Explore the cultures in two print styles that were developed side by side in the Qing and Edo periods.

Date: Sept. 23 to Nov. 20

Cost: ¥500

Location: Japan-China Friendship Center, 1-5-3 Koraku, Bunkyo City, Tokyo



Single-Origin Glitch Coffee

Newly opened this year, Glitch Coffee aims to make sure that the fruits of each farmer’s labor does not go unnoticed, pouring passion into each and every coffee cup. They specialize in light-roasted, single-origin coffee that brings out the unique characteristics of the area. This is no ordinary cup of joe, that’s for certain.   

Date: N/A

Cost: ¥600-2,500 

Location: Glitch Coffee Osaka, 1F Festival Tower West, Nakanoshima, Osaka

A Gothic Evening at the Art Hotel Osaka

Take part in a high-class Halloween this year with a masquerade meal at the Sky Buffet 51. This year’s colors are passionate red and envious black, which paint each and every dish at this gothic affair. Savor the Black Angus steak or scarlet pasta with squid ink sauce, and indulge in sinfully sweet treats like their pandemonium geode cake and demonic jelly.  

Date: From Sept. 1 to Oct. 31

Cost: ¥4,000-¥6,000 per person (wear red and book online for a special discount)

Location: Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower, 1-2-1 Benten, Minato Ward, Osaka



Free-flowing sparkling wine at the Hotel Okura Kyoto

The Hotel Okura in Okazaki opened earlier this year, and to welcome guests it offers bottomless wine in their garden-facing lounge. Relax and take in the beauty of the seasons, then unwind some more with the wine aperitifs between 4p.m. and 6 p.m. Or simply make use of the bar and lounge facilities at your leisure throughout your stay.

Date: From Aug. 22 

Cost: ¥15,000 per person per night (free flow drinks free for guests from 4–6pm)

Location: Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei, Okazaki Tennocho 26-6, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto



Grill Table with Sky Bar

As Japan eases into autumn, the season brings with it new flavors all across the country. Kobe’s Grill Table with Sky Bar restaurant is just where to savor those autumnal notes. Serving only items in their peak season, you can sample the daily fresh fish carpaccio special, domestic pork and the famously verdant vegetables of Kyoto.

Cost: From ¥6,600 per person

Location: Restaurant Grill Table with Sky Bar, Higashikawasakicho 1-3-5, Chuo, Kobe

Spend a Moonlit Evening at the Kobe Portopia Hotel

Enjoy the beauty of the full autumn moon alongside a luxurious meal made especially for the occasion. Head chef Kitahara has worked with his expert team to create a special meal for each full moon of the season, featuring French, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. Then head to the rooftop to take in the evening glow.

Date: Aug. 27 to Nov. 23 (Full moon meals on select dates only)


Location: Kitarokko-4512-145 Rokkosancho, Nada Ward, Kobe, Hyogo



Italian Harvest Festival at the Hilton

Taking the Italian concept of “Sagra”, meaning “festival” or “feast”, the Hilton Nagoya is holding a luxurious lunch and dinner buffet featuring Italian-inspired harvest delights. Savor the pistachio cartoccio made with coho salmon, or indulge in the roast beef with creamy porcini sauce. Your tastebuds will delight at the seamless fusion of Italian cuisine and Aichi ingredients.

Date: Aug. 18 to Nov. 4 

Cost: ¥5,500-¥6,500 per adult

Location: The Hilton Nagoya, 1-3-3 Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya

Autumn Leaves at Nagoya Castle  

Completed in 1615, Nagoya Castle is one of the most famous landmarks of the area, and bursts with color in autumn. Usually, the best time to see the colors is in November, when the Gingko leaves glow bright yellow and the maples burn a crimson red. Explore the historic landmark and take in the autumn atmosphere in the palace, gardens and tea house. 

Date: November (may vary)

Cost: ¥500 per person

Location: Nagoya Castle, 1-1 Honmaru, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0031

Nagoya Matsuri

It’s not just the autumn leaves that bring Nagoya Castle to life in autumn. In October, the Nagoya Festival, or “Nagoya Matsuri”, is held to celebrate the season. The streets are filled with Shinto music and dance, as well as an extravagant parade. This year the festival will be held on a smaller scale, but is still set to be a lively event with stalls and performances to remember.

Date: Oct 15 & 16

Cost: Free

Location: Various locations in Nagoya

Autumn Leaves and a Sea of Clouds at Biwako Valley

Every autumn, the Biwako area comes alive with color. Experience lush greens by the lake or golds and reds on the ropeway. Then venture further to see pure, sparkling whites at the peak in the form of freshly fallen snow or a sea of heavenly clouds. The Biwako Valley website suggests Oct. 25 to mid-November as the best time to take in this trio of colors for a Biwako trip you won’t soon forget.

Date: N/A

Cost: ¥3,000-¥3,500 per adult round trip

Location: 1547-1, Kido, Otsu, Shiga



Moonlit Boat Ride

Tsukimi is the Japanese tradition of moon viewing, to appreciate the beauty of the autumn full moon. And what better way to appreciate that beauty than on an intimate boat ride while sipping on local sake? After the relaxing boat ride, rest your head at the Tachibana-Tei Ohana.

Date: Oct. 10 and Nov. 8 only (other dates available for regular evening boat rides)

Cost: From ¥35,190 including overnight stay

Location: Yanagawa, Fukuoka

A Luxuriously Spooky Feast at the Hilton

The spooky delights at the Hilton Halloween Sweet Buffet use all the best autumn fruits to create caramel-topped fig shortcake, vanilla bavarois pear compote and other desserts to accompany five savory dishes. 

Date: Sept. 3 to Oct. 30

Cost: ¥4,500 per adult

Location: Seala Brasserie and Lounge, Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk, 2-2-3 Jigyohama, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka



Japanese and Italian Fusion

Taking the best of Hokkaido and Italian cuisine, Mia Bocca is serving up its autumn dishes with flair. The star of the show? The pacific saury, a fish rich in collagen and healthy nutrients, as well as having a distinctly autumnal taste. Try their luxurious spaghetti with whole Hokkaido saury or Hokkaido deer, farmer’s bacon and mushroom pizza, or their tiramisu with Hokkaido kabocha pumpkin gelato. 

Date: From Sept. 13 to mid-November

Cost: ¥650-¥1,750 per dish

Location: Throughout Hokkaido

Take a Trip to the Fiery Reds of Jozankei

Make a day trip from Sapporo to visit the famous vibrant autumn colors of Jozankei. Almost everywhere you look you’ll see reds, oranges, and yellows brightening up the landscape. Take flight on the cable car overlooking the sea of colors or walk the red Futami-tsuribashi suspension bridge over the ravine.  

Date: N/A

Cost: N/A

Location: Throughout Jozankei area


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